The RSE’s funding and awards programme aims to:

Attract and retain those with outstanding potential to establish their STEM,
arts and humanities and social science careers in Scotland


Encourage enterprise, innovation and the commercialisation of technology-based
ideas coming from academic research


Develop international collaboration and enable participation in international
research programmes.

RSE Enterprise Fellowship is boosting economy and society

A report commissioned by the RSE has established that its Enterprise Fellowship programme has provided a significant boost to the Scottish, UK and global economies. Carried out by economic consultancy BiGGAR Economics (2019), the evaluation and economic impact assessment found that the programme has added almost £170m to annual global gross value added (GVA), including £77 million in Scotland. It has led to the creation of more than 3,000 jobs, nearly half (1,395) of which are in Scotland and over 200 businesses.

Evaluation and economic impact assessment of RSE Enterprise Fellowship


entrepreneurs have been supported


jobs have been created in the UK

£ 9.74

return on investment for every £1 spent

About the RSE

As Scotland’s National Academy, our mission is to use knowledge for public benefit. We use the tremendous expertise we have access to through our Fellowship and friendship community; in order to harness a breadth of knowledge and understanding to the benefit of Scotland and the wider world.

We deliver on this mission through our objectives to:


Inspire and support Scotland’s most promising young talent across the research, business and public sectors, in order to create value for the economy and society.

Enhance research capacity and leadership in Scotland. Strengthen Scotland’s crosssector connections and its ability to realise benefits from its.


Engage on key contemporary issues by providing an impartial forum for public debate and discussion.

Enhance the public’s contribution to and engagement with contemporary national and global scientific, cultural and economic issues.

Provide Expertise

Provide expertise to ensure that Scotland’s policy makers and influencers have access to the best national, and indeed global expertise.

Inform and influence public policy.


Promote Scotland’s interests and reputation on the global stage.

Raise Scotland’s profile and strengthen its connections with the world.