The Dr Patrick Neill Medal are for early career researchers and business leaders for their outstanding contribution to their field of research or business. Dr Ferry Melchels (Heriot-Watt University) was awarded the Dr Patrick Neill Medal for his outstanding contribution to the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering.

I’m honoured to receive this prestigious medal. It not only celebrates my research career thus far, but also acknowledges the importance of the young field of biofabrication for the life sciences.

About: Dr Melchels research interests are in the field of polymeric biomaterials. His current focus is on combining newly developed hydrogels, scaffold materials and cells with biofabrication technologies to prepare 3D tissue constructs for regenerative medicine or to be used as in vitro models. Other research activities include the study of delivery devices for drugs and vaccines. With a future aim to continue advancing biomaterials-based technology platforms for tissue engineering and drug delivery purposes.

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